Large Toddler Play area and soft play

This inflatable will be fantastic if you have a large gathering with a big mix of children and you want to separate the younger ones safely, or if you are having a big gathering with lots of toddlers.
The set up includes little bish bashes, a small toddler sized slide, lots of cool shapes to stick to walls, a ball turret (which keeps the balls flying in the air) and we will also provide approximately 12 soft play pieces as well in the hire.

This hire really is super fun for the 1 to 3 year olds getting to grips with bouncy castle inflatable fun!

It is quite a large inflatable to hire so please check carefully with the venue you are hiring or ensure that you do have a large garden area suitable for this inflatable.

It has room for approximately 8 to 12 toddlers to play safely inside.

Length 12 metres
Width 7 metres
Height 3.4 metres

When booking a bouncy castle for your event or party, it is really important that you know that the equipment being provided is safe. In the bouncy castle industry we have the PIPA and RPII schemes which are basically an annual "MOT" for bouncy castles.

We would not recommend hiring a bouncy castle from a company unless they can prove to you that the equipment has passed an inspection and thus confirms to recognised safety standards.

View PIPA / RPII Certificate.